Prague Airport, a. s. operates Václav Havel Airport Prague in the Czech Republic. The international airport is one of the fastest growing in Europe and handles over 15 million passengers, with direct flights to more than 160 destinations worldwide. Approximately 2,400 people are employed by the airport, with an estimated additional 14,000 people working for companies operating at the airport or linked to its operations.

One of the core values of Prague Airport, a. s. is to ensure and continuously improve air travel safety. The airport operates many security systems, and it searched for a platform to interconnect them, to correlate information and enable security scenarios and procedures for dealing with incidents to be set up. In doing so, it would provide the security control room staff with one effective tool, providing an overall overview, the ability to manage situations and speed up incident response.

The airport firm selected Qognify EIM, an enterprise incident management (EIM) solution from Qognify to integrate airport safety and security systems including CCTV, electronic access control, electrical fire alarms, emergency alarm system, perimeter security, oversized cargo entry control, errand system and airport mapping.

These systems that were previously running in isolation now communicate bi-directionally. When an alarm is triggered from any of the interconnected security systems, alerts are clearly displayed and presented to the security control room personnel on an on-screen map. Appropriate guidance is automatically presented in an on-screen checklist to ensure all the required actions and procedures for dealing with the event are adhered to in line with airport best practices and the latest regulations.

The airport personnel are also using the solution on their mobile devices to verify the validity of identification cards of employees in the airport area, as well as for assigning tasks and sending support materials.