Roger Hale has been appointed Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Agora.

In his role as CSO, Hale will work with executive management to navigate compliance and security and determine the organization's risk management and security best practices. He will also serve as the process owner of all assurance activities related to the availability, integrity and confidentiality of customer, business partner, employee and business information in compliance with Agora’s information security and business compliance policies.

Hale is the former CSO at BigID, a data-centric personal data privacy and protection company. As an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, his technology and information security legacy extends across multiple verticals, including financial services, healthcare, eCommerce, biotech, and education. He has a proven track record of creating a competitive advantage for businesses through effective and efficient technology leadership, operationally efficient risk management and compliance, and information technology and security alignment with business objectives. 

Before BigID, Roger served as YL Ventures’ CISO-in-Residence. He supported the firm’s due diligence process by vetting candidates and concepts in the pipeline and provided valuable guidance and feedback to the firm’s portfolio companies.

Previously, Roger directed and managed global information security, risk, and compliance at several notable technology companies, including serving as Chief Information Security Officer at Informatica, Inkling Systems, and Cloudswell (formerly Terenine); Senior Director of Information Security at Symantec, and the first Director of Information Security and Information Security Officer at Brocade Communications.