The State of Ohio aims to incorporate student voices into discussions about K-12 school safety.

The new Ohio Student Safety Advisory Council, within the Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC), will work to identify school safety concerns and develop security strategies to address them.

"School safety programs are designed to protect students, so it's important that students are given the opportunity to be a part of the conversation," said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. "Involving them in the process of identifying safety concerns and creating solutions will provide Ohioans with a new and important perspective for violence prevention."

Findings from the student-based council meetings will be delivered to the Governor's Ohio School Safety Working Group to generate statewide solutions and supports.

Students on the council will develop strategies to encourage their peers to actively engage in maintaining a safe school environment and be an advocate for students' overall wellbeing. Students will work directly with the regional school safety liaisons from the OSSC to organize events, focus groups and trainings in their regions to help highlight student success and safety best practices at various schools. These members will also act as a sounding board for the Governor's Ohio School Safety Working Group and OSSC on student marketing campaigns and projects to ensure a student voice is represented.