A physical security application helps some Ecuadorian banks maintain real-time oversight of security incidents.

Many banks have multiple sites of operation across the country including offices, retail banks and ATM sites. G4S, a security guard and solutions firm, uses a range of technology and people to protect the different buildings.

One banking user, Banco Guayaquil, has 143 sites across the country. Around 180 trained security officers provide services to the bank as well as protective services specialists, who accompany and protect senior members of the bank's team when they travel to and from work and when they go abroad.

Through the combination of security officer and the G4S software application — Virtual Control of Posts (CVP) — leadership at Banco Guayaquil can stay in close contact regarding security incidents in their facilities.

CVP connects users and security officers directly to the security operations center (SOC), allowing for real-time communication. The app is operated on a mobile device, and a user can be updated instantly about an ongoing incident and actions being taken by security officers.

Personnel use CVP to update "quick task forms," which capture data for shift handovers, multiple assignments for that day, virtual log books and visitor access control. It also has an instant messaging system.

Data can be collated and reported relating to many different movements of people, vehicles and suppliers at any given site and this vast reservoir of information is monitored and interrogated for anomalies and potential concerns. Through the app, users can keep track of their many assets such as laptops, phones, ATMs and other equipment of value. Users are able to download reports in a range of formats so that they know where their assets are. Each asset is fitted with a QR Code, allowing CVP to track in real-time the exact location of equipment, supported by GPS capabilities.