Video surveillance will be introduced in identified locations across the U.K. city of Oxford in order to improve safety for women.

According to the Oxford City Council, 88 serious sexual offenses were committed in the city between 2019-2020, with 75% of those crimes targeting women walking home alone at night.

Safer Streets, a partnership between the Police Crime Commissioner, Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford Police Area, Oxford University Security Services and Oxford Brookes University, defined two "Safe Zones" in the city where university students and the larger Oxford population gather. The Safe Zones surround nightclubs and entertainment venues. 

In addition to the Safe Zones, the security partnership also identified a need for secure walking routes and outdoor phone charging stations.

The Safer Streets initiative has installed 24 CCTV cameras in the initial implementation phase of the safety plan. The cameras are monitored in real time by operators who can communicate with police, door staff and store security officers in the event of an emergency.