Patrons at Six Flags amusement park locations in California and Texas may interact with a new type of security officer this month: a security robot.

Los Angeles Six Flags location Magic Mountain hosted over 3.6 million attendees in 2019. After a decrease in attendance in 2020, the park aims to bolster security as numbers are expected to increase. Both California and Texas park locations looked for a solution that could improve their parking lot security and surveillance.

The 6 feet tall, 750 pound security robot, dubbed the Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer (ROAMEO), will patrol in the parks and surrounding parking lots. The security robot includes surveillance cameras, a touchscreen and a two-way method of communication.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ROAMEO has the ability to identify license plates, vehicles and people. The security robot can also provide directions to lost patrons and alert security teams to potential threats.