Following a federal mandate to strengthen Australia's domestic and international aviation security, Perth Airport has added additional security scanning equipment to further ensure the security of passengers and baggage.

“The upgrades include new body scanners, walk through metal-detectors, an X-ray machine, explosive trace detection systems and secondary viewing stations with ETD," said Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown.

According to Brown, “The body scanner has been a part of the international screening requirements for a number of years and will be introduced into domestic travel screening lanes, but with updated technology. The body scanners can detect all foreign matter, both metal and non-metal, carried by a person to within a millimeter of the skin."

Another improvement will be the introduction of CT scanners for all international and domestic carry-on baggage, eliminating the need to remove computers and aerosols from bags for the screening process. The CT scanners will use 3D technology to ease detection of suspect goods in passengers’ carry-on bags.