The Security team compiled this year's top web exclusive articles — all of which were contributed by security and risk experts, offering unique views on the security profession, the future of security management as well as how security enterprise leaders can prepare for threats on the horizon.

A special thank you to all our contributors, and our readers, for your support and for being the inspiration behind each story.


  1. 5 biggest cybersecurity threatsCybersecurity threats are getting more sophisticated and intense amid the increasing levels of remote work and dependence on digital devices. Juta Gurinaviciute, CTO at NordVPN Teams, explored five threats that were the most damaging for enterprises in 2020.
  2. How to reason your way through the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) exam. ASIS International’s Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification is highly beneficial for security professionals seeking leadership roles. When he passed his requisite exam for the certification, Security columnist Daniil Davydoff promised to offer his thoughts. Here, he offered his personal tips, tricks and observation for exam prep.  
  3. Getting started in cybersecurity – 6 essential skills to consider. Capable cybersecurity professionals can expect to be spoiled for choice in the job market today and well compensated for their in-demand skillsets. For those considering entering the field, Dmitry Dontov, CEO of Spin Technology, laid out the state of security today, explored potential career paths, and provided some guidance on the steps to take, including skills required to start a career in cybersecurity.
  4. Thank you for laying me off: Companies come and go, but talent is forever. Erik Antons, Chief Security Officer of Whirlpool Corporation, gave Security his first-hand account of his inspired career in security, including navigating a layoff and coming out on the other side.
  5. Is the World Economic Forum's prediction of a global cybersecurity failure in the next 10 years avoidable? The World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report for 2021 placed cybersecurity failure among the greatest threats facing humanity within the next ten years. Clearly, in this climate, and since many jumped into the world of cyber operations without adequate preparation, cybersecurity is now a critical priority. Shira Rubinoff, Advisor at HeraSoft, delved into the essential strategies for cyberattack preparedness.
  6. COVID-19, anti-vaxxers and moving forward together. Valued member of Security’s Editorial Advisory Board Dean Alexander and Caden Buettner explored issues related to those who oppose COVID-19 vaccination, which has spurred fringe science and its believers to conduct threats or undertake violence.
  7. The Tokyo Olympics are a cybersecurity success story. Despite the challenges and limitations of holding the Olympics during a pandemic, Dr. Brian Gant, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at Maryville University, explores why the Tokyo Olympics were a real success story from a cybersecurity perspective. Organizers of all large-scale, televised sporting events — and indeed just all organizations in general — should look to this year’s games as a model to emulate.
  8. The new rules of security: How AI will transform video surveillance. When it comes to intelligent video surveillance, in particular, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven products are beginning to unlock new functionality and even change the role video surveillance plays for companies. Steve Lindsey and Brandon Woolf at LiveView Technologies examined how AI is helping security transform and unlock new opportunities.
  9. The problem with low end bids in the security guard industry. As new threats and areas of concern emerge, well-trained, respectful and customer service-oriented security officers are required. However, these fine qualities in security officers are rare to come by with low wages. Endri Cenolli, who served in Afghanistan and is currently serving in the Army Reserves, makes a case for increased wages in return for high-quality security service.
  10. What Microsoft’s shift to passwordless means for cybersecurity. Passwordless security solutions are here — but are all enterprise organizations ready to implement them? Raz Rafaeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Secret Double Octopus, believes companies that can get ahead of the curve to implement these solutions successfully will want to do so while adequately explaining what types of private employee data will be saved and how.

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