The Emelda Sun Club, a resort Antalya City, Turkey, recently overhauled their security plan to better protect its guests and assets. The coastal resort complex, accessible via land or sea, analyzed how best to secure its open-plan campus, which includes over 400 hotel rooms and villas, multiple restaurants and various water- and land-based activity facilities.

The resort identified its highest risk factor as unauthorized entry and developed a security plan to address that concern. The entire resort is now protected using video monitoring with data analysis capabilities from G4S. The monitoring system alerts security professionals situated in a control room onsite if it picks up any unusual behavior.

Visible security professionals on site are kept to a minimum, with officers positioned at the hotel main entrance, the parking garage and other important perimeter vantage points. Every security professional carries a android device equipped with a security app through which they can enter information and reports for G4S to monitor.

When it comes to the risk of unauthorized entry by sea, radar cameras that can accurately scan and evaluate activity on the seashore or in the sea are positioned on eight-meter high steel poles at either end of the beach to protect the resort from threats. A light system which is integrated with the video monitoring can illuminate the beach if an alert is activated at night.