In emergencies such as a natural disaster, industrial accident, IT service disruptions or facility intrusion, delivering important messages with real-time speed while collecting situational feedback can save lives and keep critical business operations running. Enter mass notification technology. Here, we explore a sampling of the latest mass notification solutions.


Connects People, Devices and Organizationsblackberry

BlackBerry AtHoc is a critical event communication platform used by government agencies and enterprises to communicate and collaborate during critical events and emergencies. The solution connects people, devices and organizations and provides a common platform for crisis communications, IT service alerting, and business operations messaging. BlackBerry AtHoc allows organizations of all sizes to establish and maintain a critical event communications capability used traditionally by larger organizations. Image courtesy of BlackBerry

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Supports Resilience During Emergencieseverbridge

Everbridge’s Critical Event Management leverages Visual Command Center to enable security and operations professionals to partner with other business leaders and support resiliency during emergencies. Supply chain stakeholders can gain context with intelligence from other sources that may help assess threats related to weather, traffic, hurricane evacuation routes, global ports, railways, shipping lanes and more. Image courtesy of Everbridge

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Combines Video Capabilities and Alarm Monitoringhoneywell

Honeywell’s Pro-Watch software is a connected building platform for enterprise and critical infrastructure users that helps meet industry compliance requirements. With Pro-Watch Web-Based Client, users can utilize their existing network infrastructure to provide remote security management for badging, reporting and alarm and event monitoring. Events may be routed to specific workstations and linked to automated system responses such as camera call-ups and outward notifications. Image courtesy of Honeywell

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Delivers Geo-Targeted Critical Information

When critical events occur, organizations and local governments can use OnSolve’s critical alerting solutions, including CodeRED, Send Word Now and MIR3, to help get information out quickly. With the delivery of urgent, time-sensitive messages and a resilient infrastructure in geographically dispersed locations, the mass notification solution can deliver geo-targeted multi-language information via phone, email, SMS, desktop alerts, IPAWS, voice and more. Image courtesy of OnSolve

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Rave Mobile Safetyrave-mobile

Delivers Emergency Communications to Unlimited Users

Rave Alert helps enterprises deliver messages to unlimited recipients with an interface accessible from any internet-connected device. In three clicks, users can send a message in an emergency through text, email, voice, IPAWS-OPEN, WebEOC, public address systems, desktop alerts, digital signage and more. Image courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety

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Singlewire Softwaresinglewire-software

Reaches People On-Premises and When Using Mobile

InformaCast Command Center from Singlewire Software allows enterprises to create buttons with icons within the InformaCast interface for common emergency scenarios. When reporting alerts, administrators are prompted to answer specific questions such as the location of the emergency, specific details about the appearance of an active shooter and more. Administrators can then select the groups that will receive the notification. All scenarios, questions fields, groups, colors and icons can be customized to meet different needs. Once created, the scenarios can be accessed and utilized in the InformaCast Mobile app. Image courtesy of Singlewire Software

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Speco Technologiesspeco

Mass Notification Integrates With Gunshot Sensors

The Speco Tech SecureGuard Active Shooter System allows businesses, schools, events and venues to act quickly by employing its surveillance video with mass notification features. It is integrated with gunshot sensors identified by audible, infrared and concussive emissions. After detecting real gunshots, the system will bring up live images of the active shooter and alert security personnel to the individual’s location. The mass notification system can send text messages to hundreds of mobile devices while directing first respondents to the site. It also contains e-maps, camera linking, and pre-and post-alarm recording of real-time events. Image courtesy of Speco Technologies

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Notifies Large Masses of Critical Events

Talkaphone’s Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS-MT/R OP4) Emergency Phone Tower is a security solution for remote and high-risk areas where a wide-area audio broadcast is desired. The unit can be used as part of WEBS to notify large masses of an event with an intelligent message. Additionally, an emergency call can be placed with a push of a button, triggering the always-lit LED blue light mounted atop the tower to flash. The emergency phone faceplate is illuminated at all times for visibility during the night. The tower includes an arm for mounting a dome camera above for general security surveillance. Image courtesy of Talkaphone

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Combines Mass Notification With Incident Management

The Vismo Incident Management feature provides a scalable system to identify and alert users of any occurring incidents in their location. Crises are learned about via live intelligence feeds from external sources, integrated into the Vismo portal. To help ensure that incident management operates optimally, two-way mass notifications allow organizations to communicate with affected employees. Notifications are sent via multiple channels, including SMS, email, in-app and phone call, targeting the individual, not just the device. Incident management dashboards display the incident location along with identified employees and their safety status responses. If an employee enters an incident location, they will receive a notification informing them of the situation. Image courtesy of Vismo

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