The National Cyber Security Alliance, a leading nonprofit organization that focuses on driving cybersecurity behavior change, announced the launch of its Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library.

Built alongside key public and private partners, including Palo Alto Networks, the National Cyber Security Alliance Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library is designed to grow the diversity of the cybersecurity industry and combat the critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals available today. Through the resource library, individuals, educators and public and private organizations will have access to an expansive repository of assets, including in-depth K-12 cybersecurity curriculum overviews, higher education program guides, job training information for career changers and veterans, and more, to help bolster cybersecurity diversity and inclusion throughout the industry, and further expand the cyber workforce.

“The cybersecurity industry is one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding industries today. However, the continuous growth has resulted in a critical shortage of professionals and a lack of diversity in the talent pool,” said Lisa Plaggemier, interim executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. “Here at the National Cyber Security Alliance, we believe that addressing these challenges requires a coordinated, industry-wide effort to educate and make cybersecurity careers accessible for everyone, which is why we are so proud to not only launch the Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library, but to do so alongside a great industry partner.”

As part of the resource library, organizations, educators and job seekers will have access to an ongoing set of curated content from some of today’s leading names in cybersecurity, including blog posts and links to training tools, mentorship programs, videos and other insights from companies. Stakeholders will also be able to read ongoing success stories relating to diversity in cybersecurity and the cybersecurity workforce growth on the National Cyber Security Alliance’s blog.

“Cybersecurity is a vast industry with lots of ground to cover. Teaming up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to offer a career resource library brings us one-step closer to ensuring organizations have the right tools and talent to reach new cybersecurity goals, while creating innovative and diverse workforces,” said Niall Browne, chief information security officer, Palo Alto Networks. 

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