Brown University announced that it has hired Rodney Chatman as its Vice President for Campus Safety.

Chatman was previously Police Chief of the University of Utah.

Chatman is a campus safety and law enforcement leader with more than three decades of experience in municipal and higher education settings, Prior to the University of Utah, Chatman served as a police officer and then captain at the University of Cincinnati, where he supervised a staff of close to one hundred officers, along with security and emergency communications personnel.

Chatman will join Brown effective Sept. 1, 2021, in an expanded and newly elevated position that reflects the institutional-level leadership required in overseeing public safety. The top public safety role at the University previously held the position of executive director and chief of public safety. Chatman will serve as both chief of public safety for Brown and as a senior leader who plays a critical role in promoting and sustaining a community in which students, faculty and staff are treated with respect and provided equal access to employment and educational resources in a setting defined by a commitment to well-being, safety and security, according to University President Christina H. Paxson.

The Department of Public Safety at Brown is a fully functioning police department with more than 95 highly trained members and police jurisdiction on the Brown campus and adjacent streets. The department’s mission emphasizes crime prevention, problem solving and joint officer-community responsibility.