German-based airline company Lufthansa said in its annual report, that it expects aviation security risks to continue to increase amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Along with reporting financials, Lufthansa also included updated risk assessments in the report. 

The coronavirus pandemic will “have a negative effect on the overall security situation and state stability," and said that existing conflicts could escalate or accelerate. “There is also growing pressure on internal resources and established conflict resolution mechanisms at the same time,” the company stated.

Additionally, Lufthansa expects that civil aviation is still a potential target for terrorism.

“The still-critical security situation, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa but also in Europe and Germany, as well as the latent risk of terrorist attacks on air traffic and aviation infrastructure, could have concrete effects on business operations.”

There are a number of other risks noted in the annual report, including future pandemics, bioterrorism, travel restrictions and more.