Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives (MILO) — recently implemented by Michigan Medicine Security — provides realistic, life-sized scenario training. The learner is surrounded by screens upon which scenarios are projected.  The scenario library includes a disruptive visitor at the nurse’s station, a breakroom argument that escalates to an unsafe level, a person experiencing a mental health crisis and many others.

The learner trains to be mindful of body proxemics, body language and implicit bias as they demonstrate their de-escalation skills. 

Meanwhile, the training administrators monitor and evaluate everything the participants say and do to support the people in the video scenarios.

At Michigan Medicine, the security team emphasizes the importance of speaking in a way that is inclusive and non-judgmental, and making sure that the same level of assistance and resources are offered to each of the people involved. "The team is very excited about how this training supports our mission to provide an equitable, welcoming and respectful health care environment for Michigan Medicine’s diverse community," said Michigan Medicine Security.

Please check out video of the training by clicking here!