The Chancellor at Rutgers University said officials have opened an investigation amid "racist and bigoted Zoom bombings" that occurred during some of the educational institution's Black History Month programs. Online student events were targeted, according to Christopher Molloy, Chancellor at Rutgers. 

In a statement sent to students and staff, he said that that the most recent "Zoom bombings" occurred during online events hosted by the university's Paul Robeson Culture Center and the Center for Social Justice Education & LGBTQ Communities. He also said that the attacks appear to be apart of a "larger, coordinated international activity" rather than local targets, but there were no further details in the statement.

"I am deeply disturbed and saddened to learn of racist and bigoted Zoom-bombings that have been occurring in the past several days during non-academic student events," Molloy said in his statement, adding that the Rutgers' University Police Department, the school's Office of Information Technology and the Division of Student Affairs are investigating the attacks.