A webinar from the International Foundation of Protection Officers (IFPO) and Perpetuity Research will discuss findings of the Security Research Initiative report, tackling the questions of: why do people join the security sector more by chance than choice? What keeps them involved? What are the best and worst things about a security career?

Lead researchers Professor Martin Gill and Charlotte Howell will share insights from the research. It will include findings on what those involved say, what those who manage careers say and what needs to change in addressing the limitations of the current workforce. The webinar will address:

  • To what extent has the role of frontline security operatives changed for the better?
  • What needs to change now to enhance the role?
  • How can recent developments lead to a broader recognition of improvements and lead to a sustained enhancement of image?

A panel discussion will also include: Charles “Chuck” Andrews – Founder of Friends of Chuck (US), Chris Middleton Dip ML – Security Director at ABM UK and Dr Peter Stiernstedt, CPP, CISM – Lecturer in Criminology at University of West London (UK).