Boon Edam Inc. has published a new whitepaper for architects and security professionals entitled, "The New Lobby: How Will Securing Buildings Change in a Post-Pandemic World?". The publication begins by explaining the importance of creating a physical security plan that addresses and controls unauthorized entry due to tailgating, and continues with discussions around how COVID-19 has impacted building design, forcing facility owners and designers to provide touchless entry and social distancing while upholding building security.

Controlling Access in the New Lobby

As a prerequisite to the effects of a pandemic on building entrances and design, the whitepaper begins by reinforcing the physical security concepts of controlling access and mitigating unauthorized entry to address risk and liability. By understanding what it takes to effectively control access to a building through three critical inputs (people, process and technology), architects and end users can explore changes in design and function while upholding the need for security at all times.

Lobby Design Changes for a Post-Pandemic World

The publication then asks designers to rethink the role of the lobby, which has historically been a "catch all" for processing a variety of building visitors and occupants. Designers must now consider creating separate entry and exit points throughout the building to support social distancing. A second requirement of the new lobby design is to support and reinforce distance by design, such as rethinking office layouts, flexible on-site work schedules and increased telecommuting.

Rethinking Existing Technologies in the New Lobby

Finally, the "New Lobby" whitepaper covers some existing security and access technologies that are being looked at under a new lens due to the pandemic. The article touches on the positives and negatives of each type of technology and how they will impact the people and processes used to support them.

"The New Lobby: How Will Securing Buildings Change in a Post-Pandemic World?" is available on the Boon Edam website