Rebecca Morgan is the Chief of Insider Threat Division at the Center for Development of Security Excellence, Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). In this position, she coordinates training, awareness, professional development, education, research outcomes and public outreach efforts in support of the counter insider threat mission for U.S. Government, cleared industry and critical infrastructure sectors. 

Morgan established the Insider Threat Division and developed and directed insider threat practitioner training, national public outreach and general workforce awareness campaigns. In addition to successfully initiating the first national Insider Threat Awareness Month, she designed and delivered Insider Threat Program requirements and products resulting in DCSA being named in Department of Defense (DoD) and federal policy, directives and memoranda. She implemented the program by leading a team of technical experts in support of counter Insider Threat efforts throughout the DoD, Intelligence Community and federal agencies.

She is proud of her efforts to develop public outreach for insider threats, leading to creation of the mobile application Insider Threat Sentry, which provides training, awareness and  resources to support security practitioners. 

“We've been able to educate the general public and federal and private industry workforces on the true role of insider threat programs, which are designed to deter, detect and mitigate risk of trusted insiders, while protecting the privacy and civil liberties of the workforce,” Morgan says. 

Previously, Morgan served as a special agent and counterintelligence specialist with the Defense Security Service; an intelligence operations specialist with the DoD Counterintelligence Field Activity; the senior Intelligence Analyst of Foreign Supplier Assessment Center; and an instructor at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy. 

In addition, Morgan is a mentor for Girl Security, an organization that is building a pipeline for girls and young women in national security through learning, training and mentoring support. She also mentors new security and counterintelligence practitioners. 

To anyone that is starting out in their career, Morgan recommends being open to new experiences, cross-training and opportunities for joint duty or short-term assignments. “Having a strong base of knowledge in multiple areas provides individual career flexibility and improves the efficacy of national security programs. Throughout my career, I have held a number of positions in a variety of discipline areas. I have supported personnel security, industrial security, counterintelligence, research and technology protection, critical infrastructure protection, supply chain risk management and insider threat in positions ranging from investigations to analysis to operations to program management. Having this breadth of knowledge has helped me to be a more effective practitioner within the intelligence and security communities and develop a broad network of reliable professionals whose support has been critical in the implementation of various initiatives.”  

Morgan's was named the CI Educator of the Year by the Director of National Intelligence and honored as a DoD “Unsung Hero” by Secretary of Defense William Cohen.