Citing family reasons, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security chief and former Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Smith resigned.

Lightfoot spokesperson Pat Mullane said that Smith gave notice to the mayor's office in July and cited family reasons in a statement regarding his leave. 

“During a self-imposed quarantine earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to spend two full weeks with my family. It was the most consecutive time we’ve been together in the last 18 months. It made me realize how fast my young family is growing up,” Smith stated. “I have missed so much and will continue to do so if I were to stay in this 24/7 position.”

Before joining Lightfoot, Smith was managing partner at Silver Star Protection Group.

Mayor Lightfoot’s office reported that Chicago police Sgt. Tom Finegan has been appointed as interim head of the mayor’s security detail while a search begins for a permanent replacement.