Congratulations to John "JT" Mendoza, one of Security Magazine's 2019 Most Influential People in Security awardees, who is retiring from federal government service after 22 years. He will be joining CGI as Director of Global Security, primarily responsible for establishing a global insider risk management program.

Mendoza is a decorated combat veteran with more than 22 years of combined distinguished military and public service positions of progressive responsibility. During his career, he held a variety of intelligence, security and operations leadership roles. Mendoza has conducted and overseen felony-level criminal investigations, security programs, and sensitive clandestine programs within US Federal Law Enforcement & the Intelligence Community, including serving as a special assistant to the FBI on behalf of the Department of Defense.

Prior to joining CGI, Mendoza served as Deputy Director of the US Air Force’s Insider Threat Hub. In this role, he was responsible for strategy, outreach and integration efforts in the USAF’s effort to detect, identify and mitigate insider threats to national security and AF personnel, missions, information and facilities. During his tenure, the AF Insider Threat Program reached all but one Presidential Insider Threat Minimum Standards and transformed its operational philosophy from reactive to proactive based, focused on providing positive effects for the AF.

Before joining the USAF, he served as a senior leader within the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Counterespionage Division. In addition to working numerous joint cases with the FBI, which led to successful prosecutions, Mendoza led DIA’s efforts to revamp and increase the ability to protect and defend the agency against foreign intelligence and insider threat penetration attempts.