Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has launched a new tool on its online Safety Action Center that helps customers be prepared.
By using the “Make Your Own Emergency Plan” tool and answering a few short questions, visitors to the website can compile and organize the important information needed for a family’s personalized emergency plan. This includes important phone numbers, escape routes and a family meeting location if an evacuation is necessary. It also includes reminders to check smoke-detector batteries and when to practice your family emergency drills.
Once completed, the personal emergency plan can be printed and shared.
“Wildfire season in California had started. We want to help our customers and communities prepare for a wildfire, a safety power shutoff or a natural disaster,” said Laurie Giammona, PG&E chief customer officer and a senior vice president. “That’s why we have created the Safety Action Center. And we know that each customers’ situation is unique, which is why this new tool lets customers create a personal emergency plan that works for them and their families.”
The Safety Action Center was launched in 2019 and includes videos, quizzes, step-by-step guides and tips to help keep families safe during wildfires, earthquakes, power outages and other emergency situations. The site includes:
  • Ten tips to keep cool during a heat wave
  • A video that shows you the six steps to put together an emergency kit
  • Tips on how to prepare for a power shutoff
  • Advice on creating defensible space around your house
  • How to help your community during the COVID-19 health crisis