A new survey found that with increased digitalization, public transport is getting smarter and safer than ever. According to the research report, 82 percent of respondents have shifted to digital or hybrid video systems, as compared with 73 percent in 2015. Digitalization of the technology is improving the overall security, leading to an increase in safety and happiness among passengers and staff.

The survey, conducted by Axis Communications in partnership with UITP (The International Association of Public Transport), found that:

  • There are more cameras in more places. Between 2015 and 2018, the average number of cameras per system surveyed has increased by almost 70 percent, and camera coverage has been extended to stops and along the infrastructure.
  • More organizations are sharing videos with an average of 3.04 parties in 2015, while in 2018, the average rose to 3.4.
  • Public support for video surveillance on public transport has grown since 2015 from 65 percent to 73 percent as consumers perceive the safety and security benefits as outweighing the threats to personal privacy.

According to the survey report, the usage of analytics has been at least doubled. The most popular analytics, intrusion detection and rail-track access detection, are approaching 50 percent penetration rates among respondents. With early detection and instant visual verification, organizations can respond quickly and appropriately to mitigate risks before they escalate, says the report.