The New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) invites public, private and home-schooled students in grades kindergarten through twelfth to participate in the state of New Jersey’s annual Cybersecurity Awareness poster contest.

The contest is sponsored by the NJCCIC in partnership with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC.) This is a national contest which encourages the youth to use the internet safely and securely. "Educating our children about the rules of Internet safety will encourage them to make better decisions when posting pictures, videos, and personal information online," says a press release

The winning posters from New Jersey - one from each grade - will be submitted to the MS-ISAC for entry into the National Cybersecurity Awareness poster contest. The winning national posters will be displayed in the 2021 National Stay Safe Online Calendar and may also be used in campaigns to raise awareness among children of all ages about Internet and computer safety. Additionally, the winning New Jersey posters will be featured on the website.

The deadline for poster entry forms and artwork is midnight, January 10, 2020. Poster entries must be submitted to: