A Texas couple injured in the mass shooting last month at an El Paso has sued the retailer, saying it failed to provide adequate security to prevent the attack.

El Paso residents Guillermo and Jessica Garcia were shopping with their two children on Aug. 3 when they were shot and "gravely injured," according to the lawsuit, which was filed in El Paso district court. The lawsuit argues that the company should have had security at the store entrance and around common areas.

The lawsuit, which is not asking for monetary compensation, is seeking to get answers as to why Walmart did not have armed security or measures in place to prevent the shooting, says the El Paso Times.

The end goal of the lawsuit is to make sure Walmart puts in place policies including hiring armed security guards that will prevent anyone else from having to suffer like his family and dozens of other families, the news report said.

According to the news report, Guillermo Garcia is still in critical condition after he was shot in the spine and required multiple surgeries, according to the Times. He will "probably never walk again," Coca said.

The lawsuit also requests a restraining order to prevent Walmart from changing or altering the scene or destroying or altering any evidence. Walmart announced last month that it will reopen the store after the interior is rebuilt.

USA Today reports that Walmart officials have yet to receive the lawsuit petition, but will respond appropriately.