The Oregon School District Board, Wis. is asking the Village of Oregon to reconsider the school resource officer agreement for the new school year, as it allows the police chief to direct the housing of an AR-15 style assault riffle in the high school for safety. 

According to a news report, dozens of parents are against the measure and do not think it will provide a safer environment for students. Tim LeBrun, a Board member said he set out to find any evidence to show that having a rifle would help, but he concluded that there was no evidence that having a weapon would not make schools any safer, notes the report.

Several residents of the Village of Oregon disagree with the proposed agreements, as well. The agreement, inspired by past policies on guides by the State Department of Public Intrusion and the Department of Justice for school resource officers, lays out goals and objectives for the school resource officer program, says the report. Many residents say that the objectives made the officer seem “punitive” and not someone who was going to build relationships with the students, states the report.