Elementary school teacher Linda McLean is suing her former school for civil assault, emotional distress, false imprisonment, failing to protect her and supervise the staff, and depriving her of liberty without due process after an active shooter drill.  

Two years ago a hooded man burst into her classroom, leveled a pistol at McLean's face and pulled the trigger. The terrified teacher heard gunfire, smelled smoke, felt her heart racing, she says.

"You're dead," the gunman said, and stalked out of her room.

The gun-toting man was Shawn Thatcher, the school district's safety officer, reported OregonLive.com

McLean said the incident has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder, said OregonLive.com

Members of the district's Safety Committee notified the Baker County Sheriff's Office and its 911 dispatch center in advance of the drill so that they wouldn't respond to an emergency at the school in case any of the school staff called.The sheriff's office also reviewed concealed-carry permits ahead of the drill to ensure that no teachers would fire back at Thatcher and school board member John Minarich, who also was armed and similarly attired, said OregonLive.com.

McLean's complaint notes that at the conclusion of the drill, teachers were angry and confused, and some questioned school officials about their "disregard" for the staff's safety, the lawsuit alleges.

McLain's complaint seeks economic damages for her involuntary separation from employment, her medical and psychological treatment, and the loss of retirement contributions and fringe benefits. She also seeks punitive damages and attorney fees.