Visa Inc. announced that Paul D. Fabara will join Visa as Chief Risk Officer, effective Sept. 3. Fabara takes over from Ellen Richey, Visa’s former Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer who retired after more than 11 years with the company. Fabara will report to Al Kelly, Visa’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Fabara’s responsibilities will include a broad portfolio of functions designed to maintain the integrity of the Visa payment system and protect the company and its assets from unexpected loss. He will serve as principal liaison with regulatory agencies that exercise supervisory authority over Visa in the 200+ countries in which the company operates.

In addition, Fabara will continue Visa’s leadership in payment security, working across the entire ecosystem to promote strategies that secure the future of payments and deliver industry-leading services to prevent, detect, and minimize the impact of attacks on Visa’s clients and other payment system stakeholders.

Prior to joining Visa, Fabara spent eight years at American Express in a variety of roles. He also was at Barclay’s Bank as Global Chief Operating Officer, Barclaycard.