Senate Bill 551, introduced by Senator Cannizzaro, revises provisions relating to state financial administration, specifically for school security funding. 

The act will authorize 50 percent of the proceeds of  the  tax  in  excess  of  the  amount  collected  during Fiscal Year  2018-2019  to  be transferred  each  month  to  the  Clark  County  School  District  for  the  purposes  of employing and equipping additional school police officers. A police department   is prohibited   from   spending   the   proceeds   of   the   tax   unless   the expenditure  has  been  approved  by  a designated  body  and  only  if  the  use  will  not replace  or  supplant  existing  funding  for  the  police  department, as well.

SB 551 also makes appropriations:

  • for  the costs  of  public  schools  to  retain  social  workers  or  other  licensed  mental  health workers.
  • for the costs of employing and equipping additional school resource officers or school police officers.
  • for  the  costs  of  school  safety  facility improvements. 
  • for  the  costs  of providing  threat  assessments, training  and  providing  mobile  crisis  response team services in certain counties. 
  • to support  the  implementation  of  a  program  of  social,  emotional  and  academic development throughout the public schools of Nevada.
  • for  early  childhood  education  programs  in  public schools.  
  • to provide supplemental  funding  for  the  Zoom  and  Victory  schools  programs  to  increase  the number of schools served by programs and supplement the services provided at schools.