The International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) has released a new industry guideline: “Firearms in the Healthcare Security Program” under the category of “Security Department Operations.” 

The guideline was developed by the IAHSS Council on Guidelines.  
Dave Brown, Chair of the IAHSS Council on Guidelines, said, “IAHSS is often asked to comment on the issue of whether security officers in healthcare should be armed or not.  The Council on Guidelines has issued this guideline to encourage Healthcare Facilities to evaluate a multitude of factors and data prior to considering inclusion of firearms as part of the security program. The guideline also recommends a number of policies, programs and practices be implemented whenever firearms are introduced into a security program.” 
The guideline opens with the statement that “Healthcare Facilities (HCF) administration should formally govern the inclusion of firearms in the security program. Approval should require the development of specific policies, procedures, competencies, equipment standards, training programs, and enhanced screening practices prior to the implementation of that decision.”  
The IAHSS Council on Guidelines is comprised of volunteer IAHSS members who are seasoned healthcare security professionals and leaders. Each year the Council on Guidelines develops new industry guidelines and reviews existing guidelines on a three-year cycle.  All IAHSS guidelines are available electronically to IAHSS members via the IAHSS website at