Singapore has been ranked as the best-prepared business center to manage a crisis.

Cushman & Wakefield's The Prepped Cities Index tracked 17 major business centers in the region based on a wide range of macroeconomic, structural, defensive and social indicators.

Singapore is No. 1 for its government’s ability to provide multinational companies with a stable business operating environment, Cushman & Wakefield said.

Melbourne and Shanghai came in second and third, while Jakarta and Mumbai came in last and 16th, respectively.

The index looks at eight indicators, including rent volatility, governance, terrorism, talent, and cybersecurity.

Singapore has ranked in the top two places on three out of the eight indicators, namely sustainability, governance and cybersecurity.

Melbourne has a strong showing across the majority of categories but a lack of new quality office supply to replenish ageing stock and a raft of political changes over the past decade have jointly led it to second place.