A man scaled a fence, ran onto an active taxiway and towards a plane full of passengers at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

The man allegedly entered a construction area, climbed a fence, crossed a road, scaled another fence that stood 10 feet high topped with three layers of razor wire and ended up on the airfield where planes were taxiing, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The airport initially reported that a passenger exited a plane while it was stopped on a taxiway, but later said there were “conflicting reports,” and police subsequently said he had jumped the fence, the report said.

An airport employee called to report seeing a man scaling the razor-wire fence, prompting police to respond in about five minutes, according to Atlanta Police Department airport commander Timothy Peek.

An airport contracto does constant 24-hour patrols of the airport perimeter, with vehicles split up into three zones, according to the report.

But Hartsfield-Jackson does not have motion-detection technology that would trigger an alarm if someone climbed a fence, the report said.