The Parkland, Fla. school district that includes the high school where a gunman killed 17 people will not arm its teachers.

The Broward County School Board, which oversees Stoneman Douglas and other schools, said in a statement it had voted unanimously against accepting money from a $67 million statewide program, signed into law last month by Governor Rick Scott as part of a package of gun-control and school safety measures.

According to Reuters, Board members want the money for other programs, to include funding for armed school resource officers (SROs).

In addition to creating the fund to allow school staff to be trained and deputized to carry guns on the job, Scott signed measures that raised the state’s minimum age to buy any firearm to 21 and imposed a three-day waiting period on gun purchases.

The Aaron Feis Guardian Program allows local sheriffs and school districts to opt out if they wish. Most classroom teachers are excluded from volunteering for the program, said Reuters.