It’s no surprise that air travelers have a lot on their minds when it comes to safety, security, flight delays, inclement weather, and more.

Travelmath surveyed 2,000 air travelers to determine what worries them the most about flying and what they are doing to calm their worries.

According to the study results, 85% of travelers worry about their flight being delayed or canceled. Bad weather is a concern for nearly three-fourths of travelers, while other woes that top the list include worrying about traveling internationally (68%) and recent airplane disasters in the news (67%). Surprisingly, said Travelmath, one of the least concerning fears was the plane getting hijacked – only 39% of respondents say that is on their mind when traveling.

In addition, said the study results, even though 41% of respondents said they worry about the pilot becoming incapacitated during a flight, 92% trust the pilot overall. However, flight attendants are the most trusted of all with 95% of passengers trusting them.

Even more, the study found that most people (85%) trust airlines and airports to keep them safe from harm, yet 3 in 10 don’t think airports’ current security procedures and processes are adequate.

How do fears shift when you’re in the air? The stage of flight matters greatly in terms of passenger anxiety. Most say that flying over the ocean is scarier than flying over land, with about 4 in 10 saying neither make them nervous. While about a quarter of travelers find no specific portion of a flight unsettling, more than 50% of travelers are most anxious during takeoff and landing. The majority of people find mid-flight more relaxing than takeoff or landing. Passengers are more likely to zone out during mid-flight too, with food, drinks, conversation, and sleep occupying their time.