A local hospital system that serves more than 365,000 patients per year was facing challenges with its current security program. As one of the largest hospitals in the region with more than 4,200 employees, the hospital’s leadership team wanted to ensure that the thousands of staff, patients and visitors could enter the hospital knowing it was safely secured.

With G4S, the hospital system was able to do just that. The enhanced healthcare-specific solution involves a blend of G4S’ specially-trained Custom Protection Officers (CPO), Upscale Security Officers (USO) and a Project Manager to lead the team. The program also expanded capabilities including coverage for high-risk locations and strategic patrols to better protect the hospital’s patients and those who care for them.



  • Personnel were not trained to serve unique healthcare environment
  • High turnover rate led to inconsistent skill levels in on-site security
  • Poor coverage in key locations led to vandalism and theft
  • Previous provider was unable to fill high-risk posts on short notice
  • Staffing issues resulted in inconsistent post coverage
  • Haphazard billing process resulted in occasional overbilling



  • G4S CPOs and USOs were hired and trained for the healthcare environment
  • G4S offered competitive benefits and advancement opportunities
  • On-site security officers patrolled areas prone to vandalism and theft
  • Armed CPOs were able to fill high-risk posts
  • CPO, USO and flex officers covered all posts, including short notice
  • Concise billing was specifically tailored to the hospital’s requirements



  • Well-trained team successfully responded to 700 assistance requests in seven months
  • Retention rate for security team rose to 81 percent
  • Reports of vandalism and theft dropped by 80 percent
  • High-risk post coverage increased by 240 percent
  • Coverage improved to 100 percent on contracted hours
  • Eliminated overbilling and incorrect billing


With G4S, the hospital received a team of security officers who were trained to meet the hospital’s site-specific security needs. The new security program raised the hiring and training standards for security officers, resulting in a decrease in theft and vandalism and an increase in safety.

In addition to reducing crime, the new security team inspired confidence from the hospital’s staff, visitors and patients. A high retention rate, site-specific training and consistent post coverage allowed G4S Security Officers and hospital employees to create strong and lasting relationships. By working with G4S to increase protection and foster trust, the hospital system created a safe and secure environment for patients, families, employees and the community.