Nearly half the school districts in Connecticut are allegedly violating at least some aspect of a law requiring them to submit school security information.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, state legislators enacted tougher gun laws, says a Hartford Courant report. Yet, the report says, many plans are not being followed.

"For instance, one of the key regulations requires districts to submit what is known as a School Security and Safety Plan, a 30-page document developed by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, each September to that agency. But state records show that nearly 100 school districts haven’t submitted a plan this year and nearly 60 haven’t submitted a plan in at least two years," the report says.

And, says the report,  the security plan is not the only requirement schools have failed to follow.

Another requirement, says the Hartford Courant article, is that districts submit records of all fire drills or crisis management drills, also known as lockdown drills, by July 1. But for the last school year, only 52 school districts, barely 25 percent of the state, submitted the records — a two-page sheet detailing when and where drills were held that is signed by a local fire or police official.