A study by the nonprofit Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice has found crime rates throughout California are down, yet are up slightly in L.A. County.

Between 2010 and 2016, in L.A. County, crime rates rose by 5%, with a 4% increase in property crimes and an 8% increase in violent crimes during the period. Across the rest of California, property crime fell by 6% and violent crime fell by 2%.

Overall, violent crime in the city of L.A. increased 27%, even though there was a decrease in burglary and homicide, according to the report.

About half of L.A. County’s 89 jurisdictions showed an increase in crime and the other half showed a decrease. For instance, in Artesia, the total crime rate rose 112%, while in Avalon there was a 52% decline in total crime.

Cities that showed increases in crime rates include Burbank (6.1%), Lancaster (5.7%), Long Beach (14.5%) and Torrance (9.2%).

Other cities showing crime decreases include Downey (15.5%), Glendale (12.3%), Inglewood (10.8%), Monrovia (25.4%), Palmdale (20.8%) and Santa Clarita (9.4%).