DHS' Science and Technology Directorate is offering the Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, a multiplayer, scalable, online platform that trains first responders -- single agencies or across agencies, jurisdictions or disciplines -- for a coordinated response to active shooter incidents.

DHS S&T's First Responders Group worked with the Army Research Laboratory’s Simulation and Training Technology Center and Cole Engineering Services to develop the training that could be shared.

EDGE's first scenario is a hotel active shooter response in Sacramento, Calif. that features avatars, equipment, vehicles and architecture designed completely to scale.

The 26-story hotel is completely accessible to trainers -- all the rooms, closets, subterranean spaces, and even the fire control room.  As first responders move through the hotel, the suspects can throw Molotov cocktails and start fires. The scenario also features a dispatch function, with nine fire channels and three law enforcement channels for first responders to communicate.

EDGE's second scenario is a school, where first responders can work with school officials to train for an active shooting situation without disrupting students.