A new law allows Pennsylvania schools to conduct security drills to prepare for violent threats.

House Bill 178 became a law Saturday without the signature of Governor Tom Wolf.

The bill contains new regulations allowing schools to participate in security drills to prepare students and staff for threats of terrorism and armed shooters.

“The new law encourages school entities, including career and technical school, intermediate units and various charter schools to conduct at least one security drill per school year in each school building,” said state Rep. Craig Staats, R-Bucks.

Staats, who co-sponsored the legislation, said the bill encourages all schools to be proactive and prepared.

Under the new legislation, drills can be conducted while school is in session but the chief school administrator will be responsible for informing parents ahead of the drill.

Security drills may be used in place of one of the school’s required monthly fire drills.

Local police and emergency management agencies will be enlisted to assist.