Exelon takes a holistic approach to proactively addressing the Insider Threat across all domains throughout the enterprise. The program consists of dynamic partnerships and commitments from key internal stakeholders, including, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Procurement. Additionally, the program utilizes aggressive training deployed to all personnel and targeted training and awareness to certain audiences using a risk based approach. All individuals are fully engaged in the process of properly identify areas of concern and efficiently reporting potential threats or vulnerabilities. Finally, Exelon's Insider Threat Program leverages the expertise of physical security, information security, and uses digital technologies to keep pace with the multitude of challenges presented in today's environment.

Ed Goetz, VP and CSO, and Jill Vito, Business Continuity Manager of Exelon, will present a webinar on July 20 at 2pm EST on Exelon’s Insider Threat program.

After attending this Webinar, attendees should be able to:

  •  Understand the history and use of Exelon’s Insider Threat program as a necessity to support business goals and operations.
  •  Identify and recognize the benefits of a holistic approach to address an Insider Threat Program.
  •  Review best practices, based on Exelon’s experience, to use training and awareness in an Insider Threat Program.  
  •  Assess the benefits of using physical and information security teams in an Insider Threat program to keep pace with enterprise security challenges. 

This webinar is sponsored by Alert Enterprise, Convergint Technologies, Ross Technology and RS2 Technologies

Register to attend this webinar here. Only attendees during the live broadcast are eligable to receive CEU credit.