A recent study found that for some people, losing a smartphone could be as stressful as a terrorist attack.

The report ranked life events on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most stressful and 1 being the least stressful. Going to prison (9.15), flood or fire damage to one's home (8.89) and the death of a spouse (9.43) topped the list of most nerve-wracking events, while identity theft (8.16) and the end of a long-term relationship (8.43) followed closely behind.

Losing one's smartphone ranked 5.79, while threats of terrorism ranked just half a point higher at 5.84.

The survey also revealed that women experience higher stress levels than men, with females ranking irksome events higher on the scale than their male counterparts.

“The modern world brings with it stresses we would not have imagined 50 years ago, such as social media and smartphones," Dr. Lucy Donaldson, Chair of the Physiological Society’s Policy Committee, said. “It was striking that for every single event in this study, from money problems to Brexit, women reported greater stress levels than men."

The full list is here: http://www.physoc.org/press-release/2017/stress-major-life-events-impacts-women-more-men-shows-poll-2000-people