Employee stress rates are reportedly high in companies within the United States and Canada, thus raising concerns regarding mental health, substance abuse and how a high stress environment impacts the workplace. According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits Survey, among the 344 companies surveyed, U.S. companies reported 94.3 percent as a stressed work force with a 60.8 percent occurrence of depression, in comparison to Canada’s 85 percent and 66 percent, respectively.

While the stress rates and the available EAP’s are relatively similar, the survey notes that these countries have different approaches while dealing with mental health of employees. The U.S. conducts health evaluations that bring up topics like mental health and substance abuse and recognizes a wide range of mental health conditions. According to the report, Canadian employers are keen to offer return to-work initiatives for employees who take leave due to mental health issues, thus providing these employees varying management programs and flexible work schedules.