Demand for travel insurance with Terrorism coverage has tripled for top European destinations over the past year, reports leading travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.

"Terrorism is still a major concern for travelers, especially those going to Europe," said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. "While our customers continue to visit Europe in large numbers, France experienced the slowest growth of any top destination over the past year."

Increased Demand for Terrorism Coverage Following Paris Attacks
The terrorist attacks in Paris sparked immediate concern for travelers. The number of customers purchasing travel insurance using Squaremouth's "Terrorism" filter — which narrows search results to only show policies with Terrorism coverage — jumped 126% in the two-week period after the attacks.

In the year following the Paris attacks, the percentage of travelers searching specifically for Terrorism coverage has more than doubled.

Terrorism Concern Triples for Top European Destinations
While overall demand for Terrorism coverage has doubled, regardless of destination, American travelers taking trips to popular European destinations are showing the greatest surge in interest.

  • Of the top destinations among Squaremouth's American customers, European countries saw the most significant increases in travelers searching specifically for Terrorism coverage when buying a policy
  • American travelers heading to Germany showed the greatest increase in demand for Terrorism coverage, growing 256% year-over-year

Increase in Demand for Terrorism Coverage
Top 10 International Destinations, Ranked by Growth

  1. Germany (256%)
  2. Spain (226%)
  3. United Kingdom (206%)
  4. Italy (202%)
  5. France (192%)
  6. Canada (105%)
  7. Australia (105%)
  8. Mexico (100%)
  9. Israel (75%)
  10. Bahamas (74%)

Travel Insurance Sales Fall Flat for France
One month after the attacks in Paris, travel insurance sales for trips to each of the top European destinations spiked. However, in the following months, travel insurance sales for France fell and have been slow to recover in the year since the attacks.

  • Spain, Italy, and Germany each experienced year-over-year increases of at least 20% in the three-month period starting Nov. 13
  • One year after the Paris attacks, France and Germany are the only top destinations with single-digit growth