While the U.S. continues to dominate – with more than 80 percent share of the global market in 2015 – a recent report by Zion Market Research forecasts Asia Pacific and Latin American regions to experience considerable future growth in demand for cybersecurity solutions.

Rapid growth is expected in Asia Pacific in the near future due primarily to an increase in cyber crime and demand for cybersecurity in emerging economies within the region. Latin America is forecast to show substantial development over the next five years, with Brazil expected to have the most potential.

Kaspersky Labs has also recently highlighted Latin America as a future growth region as criminals catch up with more advanced techniques. The security firm says that 30 percent of malicious email received by Latin American users now contains ransomware content, demonstrating a shift from the trojan attacks that cyber criminals previously favored. 

Europe was the second largest cybersecurity market in 2015 and is set to remain stable over the next five years while North America experiences moderate growth. Overall, Zion predicts the global cybersecurity market to grow from USD $105.45 billion in 2015 to USD $181.77 billion in 2021.