Companies based in Brazil have the lowest aggregate Security Rating, while companies in the UK, Germany and the United States have the highest, according to a new report that ranks the riskiest countries for conducting business.

The BitSight Insights Global View: Revealing Security Performance Metrics Across Major World Economies, which examined Security Ratings of a random sample of 250 companies per country from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, China and Brazil, also found that Brazil and the United States have the poorest performance when it comes to preventing and mitigating machine compromise stemming from botnet infections. Germany and the UK perform the best in the fight against botnets.

The report also said that major vulnerabilities in important communication protocols such as Heartbleed, POODLE and FREAK continue to affect organizations within all countries included in the study.

It noted that peer-to-peer file sharing is common across all countries included in the study, except Germany. And, it said that China, Brazil and Germany have a higher percentage of poorly configured email security protocols, such as SPF and DKIM.

The report is at