Kent School is a private college preparatory boarding school that includes 19 buildings spread across 1,200 acres in Kent, Conn. Student, employee, and visitor safety is always a priority. Last year the school had challenges with its mass notification system, requiring the safety director to look at new technology. The school turned to Siemens for direction.

After visiting Kent School’s campus and reviewing its current system, Siemens recommended installing a Desigo® Mass Notification System with Intelligent Voice Communication fire panels and IP speakers. This combination would provide a more robust emergency voice communication and mass notification system that could communicate through Siemens’ comprehensive Desigo™ CC building management station. Three buildings have already received system upgrades, with two more expected to come online this summer.

Brian Hunt, Kent School’s safety director, was very enthusiastic about Siemens’ turnkey fire alarm systems, where Siemens did all of the engineering. The upgrade included the use of IP speakers to ensure emergency notification in those buildings that had not yet been upgraded with voice fire alarm panels.

“Having to work with multiple vendors on mix and match product offerings complicated the need for service,” recalls Hunt. “Working with Siemens has allowed us to bring service for the entire campus under one umbrella, meaning the systems talk to one another. Additionally, having designated points of contact enables us to receive expedited service for these crucial systems, creating peace of mind.”

The installed and fully operational Desigo Mass Notification System can provide fast notifications via text messages, email, voice and desktop alerts to employees, students, and first responders in the unlikely event of an emergency.