Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced a $3 million competitive grant program to help colleges and universities improve services for campus sexual assault victims.

The goal of the program is to improve both the reporting of sexual assaults on campus and to keep it from happening in the first place, DeWine said.

The grants will help colleges and universities – public or private – line up their services for victims with similar services available in the community. Ohio’s police training academy is also offering a new round of advanced training to campus professionals on investigating college sexual assaults, DeWine said.

In 2013, Ohio campuses reported 242 sexual assaults, up from 227 in 2012 and 195 in 2011.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center says one in five women will be the victim of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in college, and nine of 10 will know the perpetrator. More than 90 percent of sexual assault victims on campus don’t report the incident, according to WKBN.com.