A task force has issued 21 recommendations to combat sexual assaults on Virginia's college and university campuses.

The recommendations from the Task Force on Combating Sexual Violence include: 

  • Require public and private higher education institutions to establish sexual assault response teams representing a cross-section of the campus community.
  • Require colleges and universities to formalize agreements with local law enforcement officials on preventing and responding to sexual assault.
  • Create campus comprehensive prevention plans that increase awareness, change attitudes and modify high-risk behaviors such as alcohol abuse.
  • Make law enforcement prevention efforts part of coordinated campus and community sexual assault prevention.
  • Use emerging technologies, infographics and online portals to improve and increase options for reporting sexual violence.
  • Create a public awareness campaign, called “Start by Believing,” to encourage victims to report assaults.

The task force included campus administrators, advocates, law enforcement, higher education attorneys, health professionals and others.