Sen. Gary Stubblefield of Branch has filed a pair of bills to exempt the security plans of K-12 schools and higher education campuses. Proponents say the information could be utilized to harm students or staff, but open government activists say transparency lets parents know if existing plans are any good.

Another proposed change would hide most state employees' personnel files two months after they leave their job. Only limited information such as names, titles, employment dates and commendations would be fit for release.

That bill was rejected and sponsor Sen. John Cooper, R-Jonesboro, said he will consider revising it. The only bill to alter the act this session was also penned by Cooper, and signed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson last month. It exempts municipal power companies from having to release details about a customer's usage or certain infrastructure.

Cooper said public information requests about a municipal power company could be used by terrorists and that his bill closes that vulnerability. He said public knowledge of the government's operations isn't a requirement for quality.

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