Start the New Year off right by upgrading your security system to the latest technology. Analog has been going out of style over the past few years because it is easier than ever to migrate to an IP solution. Here are some of the top trends you need to know for your analog makeover:

  • Think outside the box– Expensive and maintenance-heavy DVRs were once the only option. Since a DVR is really just software, storage and encoding in a box, why not unbundle that? Today’s high-performance video encoders add intelligence and value to aging analog system. Add IP cameras for a hybrid environment instead of a hybrid box.
  • Take it to the cloud– Hosted solutions give you the ability for on-demand surveillance anytime, anywhere without the capital investment. Connect to central station alarm monitoring for an added layer of video verification to avoid dispatching the authorities to a false alarm.
  • Leverage your investment– Not ready to rip and replace? No problem. Video encoders can upgrade analog cameras and media converts enable you to re-use existing coax cable when installing brand new IP cameras. Depending on the quality of the existing cable, converters can extend to more than 1,600 feet and optional power supplies can be added if more power is needed.