New York City will launch its municipal ID program, which will help the city's undocumented immigrants to get the identification needed to access city services.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans for the ID cards last February.  "For New Yorkers who couldn’t have an official ID, this card is the key to a fuller life," de Blasio said in a statement, reported the New York Times. 

The IDNYC cards won't be only for undocumented immigrants, the Times said, all New York residents can apply, as long as they are older than age 14. Applicants must prove their identity and that they live in the city.

The card will be recognized as an ID to open an account at certain banks and credit unions, and allow the residents access to city buildings, the Times said. The card can also be used for discounts on prescriptions and free membership to zoos, museums and the city's public libraries. The IDs will not grant state or federal benefits, or allow those who hold them to work legally.